Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Anniversary Number 14

Another day is nearly over but today was a special day, the Anniversary of the day my husband Jim and I met. It was at a singles dance at the Legion here in town where we danced the night away both hoping we'd meet again. Well we did meet again and again so here we are fourteen years later still going strong.

He loves coming home to me at night after a hard day at work and I love having him come through the door every night. Sometimes he will say something silly like: "hi Lucy, I'm home" to which I'll reply, "hi Desi, how was your day?" Sometimes I have a cold beer on the table for him with a glass at the ready.

Tonight he was bearing gifts and a card so special I don't know how he does it..He always picks the most sentimental, lovely verses in his cards for me and I've kept everyone that he's ever given me. I asked him tonight if he knows someone at the card company that writes up his cards for him while he dictates them! Some cards have brought me to tears.

My gift to him was a red set of Walkie Talkies that we can use out in the yard this summer but especially in our new place out in Prince Edward Island. I know I'm quite good at finding my way back from somewhere once I've been there once, but I'm not sure once I enter our 15 or more acres of woods I might always find my way back out..the walkie talkie is going with me..not my idea of fun being lost in the woods when it gets dark!

We went to Boston Pizza for nachos and cheese with a small Hawiian pizza on the side..we came away full to the extreme. We took a short drive around the neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights which we will continue next Sunday night. We also enjoyed a short horse drawn wagon ride last Sunday, another surprise for me.

To finish off the excellant evening Jim put Galaxie music on the tv and we finished off our little celebration the way we met, dancing around the living-room bringing back sweet memories of that night that was meant to be fourteen short years ago. Happy Anniversary Jimmy!