Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rolling Down the Highway Again....


I'm counting down the days now until I roll down that highway to be reunited with my husband. It will be 13 weeks since he left Muskoka to start a new job in Prince Edward Island. I know the time has passed much quicker for him than me. He works 8 to 9 hours a day, half a day Saturdays and then spends a few hours each evening plus all day Sunday working on our farmhouse renovations.

I on the other hand have been packing boxes wishing I could jump into the biggest one and ship myself out East! Jim's brother and wife are heading my way via Ottawa where they will spend 3 or 4 days with their son and family. Once in Ottawa they are only about 4 hours away from me. After spending a couple of days here, we will load up their truck with my winter clothes plus any of my boxes they have room for. I am getting very excited to leave here although my friends and family have been fantastic.

Hubby's daughter has carried too many packed boxes to count out to the back shed for storing until March. My son has carried a lot of furniture back to the same shed which is now bulging at the seams. Friends have had me over for meals and taken me on errands. In fact I've eaten out so much I need to get on a treadmill! Thankfully my brother-in-law has one in his heated garage. I'll be using it daily.

I'm nearly finished writing up my Christmas's easier to think of doing them now that the yard is covered with snow. We don't have enough to shovel yet, unlike my daughter and siblings further south. They got bombarded by snow squalls today. But by the sounds of the weather here this week I won't be getting off scot free either. The temperatures here have been very chilling so I'm glad I'm not putting outside lights up this year. I do miss decorating outside and inside but no one will be here to see it. I couldn't resist  putting a few decorations around inside as my neighbours water my plants and my granddaughter is visiting me right up until I leave..I will miss our play times.

I bought all my husband's gifts but will do the rest of my Christmas shopping on the island. Love doing some last minute gift buying. We purchased our flooring this week for our bedroom there as it can't be sanded and saved like the other two upstairs rooms. My hubby did a fantastic job of  refinishing them. I'm excited to see these same two rooms painted with all the trim work done. He tells me he needs someone for clean up after him and I'll be glad to do it. I've missed him a lot.

This will be our very first Christmas on the island but not our first winter months. We were also out there in February and March of this year so know how hard the wind blows and pushes the snow up against the house in high drifts. I have experienced going out with snowshoes on a bright sunny day, stomping across the fields. Not only has the countdown started for my reunion with my hubby but our final move is just months away in March. This spring I will get to see all the tulip bulbs show off their party dresses that I planted in the fall. We will witness the first birds of spring.  As the birds find a spot to build a nest, I will be hopefully unpacking and feathering our new nest. Unpacking all our boxes, hauling in the furniture, the renovating finally done after close to four years. Newly painted walls, new shiny floors ready for  placing our furniture on and once my favorite chair is in place, I'm sitting down!