Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Reunited and Happy in P.E.I.

It happened at last! After nearly 3 months separation from my husband Jim we are together again in Prince Edward Island. The above picture was taken in Victoria, B.C. during the week hubby's son got married, another very beautiful spot in this large country of Canada.

Jim's brother and wife arrived in Muskoka last week, spent two nights with me, then packed up their truck with a few of my boxes, suitcases and off we went at 6 a.m. to head out East. We stopped one night in Quebec to rest up for the last leg of the journey, about ten more hours driving, landing on the island about 7:30 p.m. It was so wonderful to see Jim again, he had been pacing up and down, wondering when we would arrive. We only unpacked our suitcases and left the rest for the next day.

I should have known Jim would get up early before anyone else and unpack the whole truck. His work ethic is amazing. He will work all day at his day job, beginning before 8 a.m., work until 6 p.m. or later, then have his supper. Once supper is over he drives up to our farmhouse and works on renovations for another 2 hours or more. His boss at work was so nice to give hubby Saturday off as I was arriving. So we had two full days to work on our Renos. It was wonderful to see the two fully finished rooms that Jim had worked so hard on to complete. I was thrilled with the paint colors having picked them out while living in Muskoka and not knowing if my choices were good.

I like to hold paint chips up against the walls to be painted in different light settings. I was especially pleased with the color I'd picked for my office, also in awe at how professional the windows looked all trimmed out. Jim is not a carpenter but his skills are improving all the time so that our house will look splendid when finished. It started out as an old farmhouse needing a complete renovation inside and when we get a bit discouraged with all the work facing us, I name off all the jobs we've already accomplished. That cheers us up.

On arrival here there was no snow to speak of, the grass was green. But today we woke up to a winter white landscape. Jim and I are living with his brother and wife. Life is made up of many changes so I find myself having to wrap my  head around the many differences one finds not living in ones own home. Some "wifely" duties do not change wherever you live, doing laundry, making lunches, cleaning our room and I want to do my share of other housework. My sister-in-law mentioned today that next week we'd have a day of Christmas cookie making. She is an amazing cook so I will have to watch my waist-line and get out for a walk everyday....once I get myself motivated and outside, it will become a habit I won't want to break.

Jim and I enjoyed a walk last Saturday across our fields and out into our woods, walking one trail we made together, then walking a trail Jim made while I wasn't here. It's so quiet in the woods in winter, such a pleasant place to explore. We found our creek running with clear, cold water that often dries up in the hot summer months. I can hardly wait to hang up all the bird houses we will be bringing out in March. Our house back in Muskoka sold quickly so we are moving here to the island with a large moving truck, the end of March. For the last three years our farmhouse here has seemed like our "summer place" which we visited, working nearly every waking hour to restore.

When we pack up all our household belongings in March, hoping they will all fit into the moving truck we will be saying good-bye to many family members and friends from many good years living in Muskoka. We will be waving good-bye to our 3 year old granddaughter, her mother and father, my sister and too many friends to mention. Yes, we are moving 3 provinces away, very large, long provinces that seem to go on forever when I'm tired. A two day drive which in New Brunswick includes a view for many, many miles of the Appalachian mountains. It seems like we are a long way from our loved ones but just imagine the anticipation of driving back along those same seemingly endless roads to see our dear ones at the other end. They will visit us and we will visit them.  I must keep this in my heart and mind, knowing our door will always be open to those who wish to visit us, to share in the joy of our beautiful property as we do in all weathers. Well, maybe not so much during black fly season!!