Monday, April 11, 2011

I Have To Learn to Drive A Tractor

I will not only have to learn to drive a tractor but a riding lawn mower and maybe even a truck! In the above picture I'm getting a lesson on my brother-in-law Frank's tractor around the perimeter of his house. He is not in the picture but I'm sure he is close by yelling instructions at me. It was fun at the time but should I get on it again this coming May, I wouldn't remember a thing.

Being the proud owners of 35 acres, much of it soon to be planted in potatoes this year, there is still a lot of grass to mow. For the next five years until we permanently move down to P.E.I., Frank is going to have to cut our grass along with his own. We will cut our grass and help him with his each time we go down for holidays. My husband Jim has always enjoyed visiting his brother and finding out what all the odd jobs are that need doing.

They work so well together and really enjoy each other's company. I only got really stressed out one summer on the island when my husband was feeding tree branches into a wood chipper they had rented and the branch swung back and caught Jim in the face. It cut his nose and just about his lip where his mustache covers the left-over scar. Men never want to go to a doctor and always say they never need stitches..I tried my hardest to persuade him to get stitches but lost the argument. So he wears the badges of honor to this day.

I've never had my permanent driver's license even after having many lessons over the years and getting my beginners license. There are times in year's past that I wish I did drive but I still never persisted. So it's a big event for me to learn to drive a lawn mower or tractor. I'll start small and work my way up. Possibly within the next five years we will be on the look out for a good used tractor. Frank has a Kubota which he cuts grass with and uses for snow plowing but in the back of my mind I'm thinking of an old John Deere. Time will tell what turns up. I"m sure hubby will make the ultimate decision.

It's just four weeks away until our trip out East to start working on our farmhouse. Friends are giving advice as to what color to paint the house, put on shutters or window boxes, perhaps add on a wrap around porch and yes, all these ideas are wonderful but are a little off in the future yet. We will be concentrating on the inside this trip down. My carpentry skills will improve I'm sure and hope I don't come home with a fat thumb. My husband Jim is getting so excited about our adventure, but also apprehensive about all that has to be accomplished in three short weeks.

Rather than banging a hammer knocking down drywall I'd much rather be outside pulling weeds and starting the design for my future flower beds. I'd love to transport many perennials from here this spring but our truck will only hold so much on the trip down and hubby has a list a mile long. Patience is a virtue so my desire to start my new gardens will have to be on hold for another year. Unless I see some great sales on plants on the trip down and I can get hubby to stop..naw, it will never happen...


  1. You could always check out McPhails nursery once you're there! I want to get the planting process underway this summer, at least with trees and bushes. Excited for you!

  2. Lannie, how exciting to be planning your trip east. I completely understand all the ideas for home improval are fun to discuss but other fix ups take precedence! It's a slow process but I'm sure you'll enjoy every minute. although I've been driving a car since I was 16 I still can't manage the ride on lawn mower. I leave that to hubby who thinks it's a hoot to drive. If I would allow him to buy a tractor he'd be in heaven. also, you might find some local perennial sales while you are here. Many people sell divided perennials right out of their yards and it's a cheap way to start your garden.

  3. Thanks Marguerite and Jane for the ideas, as for planting this year we still have the steel bin out front and there will be a lot of tramping around the house this spring so may leave flowers til next year..also space in back of truck is at a minimum..I may take my little Alberta spruce from here tho and 3 bayberry that are small enough to dig up..I'd love to start my park area but it will be in potatoes this year..hope to have time to really walk around the yard and draw up some design ideas for gardens..If I had my way I'd fill up truck with just plants from here that need dividing..we need to make two trips down!! Lannie

  4. Glad to see you're attempting to drive that big, red tractor. Make sure you secure a nice, large basket on the front when you go to the grocery store . I am really happy for you & Jim to have found the house you've always wanted. More room to put your nick-nacks, Ha! Ha! When us kids come to see you, it will be the best " Little House on the Prairie", eh! Ma Love you! Jenn