Monday, May 2, 2011

Our Working Holiday

I've waited all winter for this coming Saturday. The day our holidays begin. Our plans seem to change from moment to moment but one thing remains the same, our destination. We are heading to our "other" home in Prince Edward Island, the place I call the Farm. I have held back my excitement knowing there was still lots of work to be done here, as spring brings more outside work than the mind can sometimes comprehend.

But like that saying "How would you eat an elephant?" "Why one bite at a time!", the outside work gets done if a person (me) can focus..As I watched my husband on Saturday, the one warm, sunny day we had all week wander from point A to point B, I asked him if he was doing the "Lannie" thing..which is begin one job and then start five other ones..he said no, he was just in the "zone"...Men can be so focused they hardly see anything fortunate for them..except I find it lonely when he is in the zone, he doesn't even see me sometimes!

We are starting to make piles! Piles of clothes to take, piles of tools and piles of food..this is the hard part, what type of clothes does one take to work inside for 3 weeks after a really wet, damp April? Will May on the island be warm, wet or cool? My sister-in-law said to cover all the bases and since I ALWAYS overpack, I am making a stack of things to take, then weed it out..I can always wash clothes while there I tell myself, and myself still says..TAKE LOTS!!

With red island dirt in mind, I'm taking lots of old clothes which can be tossed out afterwards if they can't be revived with washing. Also as my husbnd will be working down in the basement, old jeans and the color black comes to mind..perhaps lighter colors for myself as I might be knocking down drywall and covered in white dust. I have a white baseball cap ready to wear.

The good news that we learned this week is that our brother-in-law here in town has offered to come with us to lessen the work load for my husband and his brother on the island..of course this will really work in my favor too. I might get an afternoon off now to go beachcombing with my sister-in-law who lives down the road from our farmhouse. I knew I was going to find it difficult to work while she went to the beach without me, well tears dry after awhile but after mixed with drywall dust wouldn't they turn to cement on my cheeks?

I must get to work now and focus, focus on what must be done to hasten our departure this coming weekend..make lists, that's what I'll do and strike off one thing at a time..first on the list..stay good-bye and I will tell you all about our adventures when we return.


  1. It will certainly be great to have the extra pair of hands to make the work lighter! Hope the weather warms up a bit, spring has been really slow in coming there this year. Look forward to hearing all your stories and take lots of photos!

  2. Hi Jane: yes, spring is a let-down this year, but my forsythia is blooming, hyacinths and pasque I'm getting a glimpse of spring flowers before I leave..I've been thinking with me having so "many" perennials I could share some with you for your yard in P.E.I..think about it..Jim and Frank are thrilled for the extra pr. of hands, Frank emailed me today how happy he is..he didn't get a lot done at our place so is disappointed, he's just too diary will be full and I'll be clicking away with the Lannie

  3. Lannie, smart thinking about bringing old clothes for the red island dirt. I found out the hard way that stuff doesn't wash out. We talk about elephants in our house too, it always helps to put things in perspective. Take care and have fun on your trip!

  4. Hi Marguerite: Saturday is fast approaching, thanks for the good wishes for the trip..We've been visiting the island for ten yrs. so I too learned the hard way about the red island dirt..great song about it too..found a super Value Village store in Charlottown if we need to replace some work clothes..your plants on your blog are so cheerful..ever thought of writing poetry? think you'd have the knack..have a great weekend Lannie