Saturday, September 3, 2011

Girlfriend's Vacation

The glorious hollyhock's are out front of the Picton Harbour Inn, in Picton. Each summer four friend's who all went to highschool together, myself included decide on a new place to visit for three days.

Part of the excitement is trying to decide where to go each summer. Most places one or more of us have already visited but perhaps not for a long time. Our first trip we stayed in Stratford, On and took in a wonderful live musical at the Shakespearean Festival. We had been going to that festival since high school as it was usually a highlight of our school year. Also my closest friend Carroll and I tried to see at least two plays a year once we were married and started our familys. Now my daughter resides there and it's only about fifteen minutes away from St. Marys where I lived for twenty odd years.

We have vacationed in Port Dover, best fish and chips ever! We visited Niagara-On-The-Lake and shopped almost non-stop for two days. We traveled north to Wiarton and to another lake district of Bobcaygeon. This year we drove to Picton, a place I've never been to before. Our rooms overlooked a calm bay with many boats of various kinds tied up at docks. We enjoyed shopping in many lovely shops, the one shopping spree where I tried to hold myself back..with moving in a few years to Prince Edward Island I'm trying to downsize and not buy too much. Plus my closets are already full of clothes that I hardly ever wear. Being a gardener, I usually wear shorts and old t-shirts all week.

We usually find grand places to eat and we spend hours talking, laughing, catching up events of the past year. It is very special to still be friends with women you grew up with in a small town, went to public and high school with and still know where they this day and age of people constantly moving and losing touch, we are fortunate indeed.

Picton, in Prince Edward County has a lot going for it, lots of winery's and it would be nice to return there and go on a wine tasting tour. In Bloomfield just a few minutes away is a wonderful live theatre in a big red barn. We saw Amelia, a musical with only 3 players, but they held the stage well..

It's such fun to explore new haunts or go back to familiar places that we find haven't changed all that much..We are all in different places in our lives, but we come together and catch up just as if we'd seen each other yesterday. During the year we also email to keep on top of any newsy, interesting things going on..

Once winter's grip relaxes and spring bulbs start emerging through the warming soil, we will have to get our thinking caps on and find a new, exciting place to explore or return to a town more familiar..Once we register at the hotel, unpack and hang up our clothes, it's usually "Happy Hour", time to relax, unwind so we can start making new memories to last a liftime.


  1. You really didn't buy anything?? Really?? Good for you! I bought a few new tops for back to school next week. Hopefully that will help me get up in the morning knowing I have some new clothes to wear ha ha.

  2. Lannie, you are very lucky to have such longstanding friends. It's wonderful that after so long you are still able to get together and enjoy each others company. Your trip sounds like such fun.

  3. Hi Jane: operative word: I "tried" to hold myself back from shopping! did buy a sweater and three dollar bracelet from Ten Thousand Villages & tea and little metal thing to put over a vase so my flowers will stand up..but did much better than other shopping trips, but still room for more improvement.:) luv Lannie

    Hi Marguerite: I am really starting to realize how fortunate I am to have friends I met when 3 yrs. old..we laugh a lot, talk about "nearly" everything and I look forward to future holidays with Lannie