Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 A Brand New Year


In a few hours, it will be a brand new year, new adventures, new happenings and in many ways life will remain the same. We will continue living in Muskoka for a few more years plus continue traveling back and forth to Prince Edward Island to work on our house renovations. Thinking back on how much we have accomplished already, I think we've made real headway.

When I think ahead to what we still have left to do, I sometimes think: " are we crazy?" to take on such a huge project. Then I calm down again by remembering we are taking our time, year by year.  Taking it one step at a time with family volunteering to help whenever they can. Jim's son Ryan has offered his help again on our trip out this fall for three weeks. We also may get out in February and March for a few weeks and he has offered to fly out then too..we are always grateful for the help.

Something else that I hope remains the same but will also change is regular visits from our precious granddaughter Claire who will turn two years old the end of January. What will change is her growing up, speaking more and more, little personality changes plus her growing towards more and more independence..Her newest adorable trait when we visit is to seek me out immediately I sit down and say: "come, come"..when I ask where we are going the answer is always: "play toys". As a loving grandmother what could be better than having play time with a willing grandchild.

Something new that was added to my life last year was an exercise program and a line dancing class. I am hoping that these two programs will again be added to the new year. Also more visits with my cousin Abby who I found this year, then start plans for a family reunion here so more of my family can be introduced to her. Finding a time my four siblings and spouses can all meet on the same weekend can be difficult..Usually a day has to be set, then hope for the best.

Must make new gardening plans for this spring and summer. More plants will be dug up to be transported to P.E.I. Last year many were transplanted and I will be anxious to see how they came along over the winter. If summers continue to be as hot and dry as last year, then I must search out more hot weather plants that can thrive on less rain and watering. I am yearning for some big changes in my gardens this year but don't want to spend a fortune either.

My sister's son who had the bad motorcycle accident in July, will be returning home to a new apartment at the end of January, walking with a walker and also using a wheelchair. He has come a long way after several operations, his spirits are good and I'm sure he is anxious to get back home among his family and friends, to continue his healing and live once again with his teen-age son.

My husband and I are going to a New Year's Eve Dance at the Legion here in town again this year with two other couples hoping to dance up a storm. Maybe I can even use some of my new line dancing steps! It is starting to snow here so the New Year may start out with us getting out the snow shovels. We have been out for a few winter walks admiring the Christmas lights but I need to get into my walking schedule again, making sure I'm walking three or four times a week. That should be my first New Year's resolution. The older I get the colder winter feels!

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy, Healthy wonderful New Year. There will be new foods to try, new books to read, great movies to watch and new gardening adventures. There will be weddings to attend for some families, new babies to welcome in others, trips to plan, new memories for the memory books.

 My husband offered to paint the living-room if I can decide on a new paint color. We repainted the bathroom and the kitchen this year. Picking colors for those two rooms was so easy. I'm stuck when it comes to the living-room, it's such a quandry. So I'll be off to the paint store in the New Year and here's hoping just the exact right shade jumps out at me, I like light colors..then that might mean new curtains. Looks like the New Year might start out with one of my favorite hobbies...Shopping!                 Happy New Year Everyone.


  1. Lannie, I too am impressed with how much you've done on the house and all the projects you continue to plan. It will be such a lovely place when you're finished. Glad to hear your nephew will be coming home soon, that must feel good for everyone. Have a wonderful night out and happy new year to you and your family.

  2. Hello sister dear. I'm a little late here but better late than never. Camping was fun as usual, it didn't get too too cold, maybe -5 to -7 and colder at night. We just loved having campfires again, hiking, birding, and eating really really well. (too well!)
    There's always a silver get to go to PEI again and see your beloved property and get some more work done. With your heater you should be fine - can't wait to see what you get accomplished this time!! Love to you and Jimmy!

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