Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Winter On The Island


It's hard to believe there was green grass on the day of our arrival as it has done nothing but snow since that day..It is snowing as I write this, heavy, wet snow..Yesterday morning when my sister-in-law and I went snowshoeing at the back of her property there was well over a foot of snow..The sun was so enticing Monday we just had to tie on the snowshoes and go out through her woods, slogging through the light but deep snow. It was so gorgeous in the woods I snapped over seventy pictures!

We were out over an hour having to pause from time to time and rest. The one forging the trail had a heavy go of it, so we took turns taking the lead. It was a great work out...
My sister-in-law has a way of making winter fly by, she signs up for a lot of courses. I thankfully am able to join her during my stay here. Monday's we take a rug braiding class and that has been on my bucket list for many years. The teacher is so patient and gentle, a lovely lady who has taught me how to turn a corner in braiding, then how to stitch the beginning of my rug together. The needle is very different from regular sewing needles and the cord is so heavy I must wear old leather gloves when stitching, so as not to cut my fingers..We must pull the thread very tight as we go so I've been very thankful for the loan of Caron's gloves..Hubby surprised me today with my own braiding rack, just like Caron's..He built it while we were at our class with his brother's help.

On Tuesday we attend an acrylic painting class and on Wednesday's a watercolor painting class. There are card games at the local hall two nights a week and Tuesday night's a yoga class..I attended it one year when visiting here but haven't attended this year as yet. My sister-in-law also takes a quilting course Thursday mornings. I'm not taking that as I won't be here long enough to finish a quilt, plus you must take your own portable sewing machine along..

We just returned from a pancake and sausage supper at a little church just down the road and I was surprised at the turnout on such a nasty night. The snow is wet and heavy, making the roads very slushy and slippery. There are a multitude of church suppers during the year, once we move here I may not have to cook every night! Lobster suppers, roast beef suppers and around Christmas time, one turkey supper after another....It's always a great way to meet people in the neighborhoods as well.

I'm finding people here so welcoming and friendly, always asking me if I'll be back to the classes I'm taking..makes it hard to leave and go back home. The renovations are going well at the farmhouse also. So much more wiring is done and drywall is going up. More windows have been ordered so that leaves only 3 more to be replaced in the fall. What a celebration when we have every window replaced with new ones..

The plumber is coming this week or next to get the well up and running, so we will have running water in one sink and our newly purchased toilet will be hooked up. That is something we are really looking forward to. Renovating an old farmhouse takes a lot of work and effort, but each time we work on it we see such advancements. I'm starting to be able to visualize where my furniture will go once it is all finished and so many relatives and friends are asking about our spare room! Since we were blessed to find such a lovely property, we will be doubly blessed to share it with family and friends..Just bring a paint brush and a hammer!


  1. Looks like you brought the snow with you from Bracebridge! A working toilet - heaven! You're getting there my dear!

  2. It really is too bad the weather hasn't been more cooperative since you've been here but glad to hear you tried out snowshoes! Tonight was quite a mess driving home and I hear there's another 30cm on the way this weekend. Sounds like you're making yourself quite at home with all the classes and dinners you've attended. By the time you're here permanently you'll already have plenty of friends and activities to keep you busy.