Sunday, October 26, 2014

Junk or Treasure

I've been away from blogging for a long time and here it is nearly the end of October, the end of what has been a beautiful fall. We crossed over Confederation Bridge with all our belongings on April 1st, a snowy, icy day. We lived once more with hubby's brother and wife as we continued on renovating our dear farmhouse. With the house unfinished but livable, we moved into our house on June 29th.

We are still renovating inside and out. The last big room inside to finish is the dining room which didn't seem to deter all the summer and fall guests we've had. Family and friends from Ontario visited from the end of July until the 16th of October. Some stayed a week, some ten days and some only for a few days. I had a break in between visits but next year will try and stagger more time between visits, it was fun but tiring too.

No one seemed to mind the house wasn't finished, in fact many people were surprised we had accomplished so much. My gardens were planted and my flower gardens were much added to. Just this fall I planted another 60 or more tulips, my first daffodils and crocus. I planted hollyhocks which the rabbits thought were lunch. But I deterred them by protecting the leaves with plastic pots with the bottoms cut out.

It is surprising also what we find in the sheds, items which were left behind..We have made much use of some of the items. Tucked away in my shed is a very old blanket box seen in the above picture. Also what I think is a large green plastic crab trap. We treasure several old wooden barrels we've inherited plus many great oval old tubs with lids. Old metal gas cans with handles and spouts, lanterns and all the firewood we'll ever need. Perhaps others would see it as junk. We also inherited about a dozen anchors of all sizes, old wooden buoys which many people said they haven't seen before. One day we hope to have enough time to organize our treasure and decide what to do with it.

This year our fields were planted with potatoes and after they were harvested, so many were left I invited any neighbors who wanted some to come and help themselves. I spent two days off and on picking potatoes, many which I gave away. We will have plenty for the winter and are eating them often. Many will just rot in the fields as there are too many to pick up.

My step-son who visited in October walked to the very end of our woods which I've never done yet but certainly hope to do someday. He found a striped maple which I hear is not all that common and some interesting yellow fungus he called Witches Butter..glad I saw pictures of these surprises.

Hubby and his brother worked most of this afternoon covering the "new" back room roof with red steel. Nearly all three sides are now covered with cedar shingles. There is a door on each end and a large window in this new back room which when finished will hold our shoes, boots and all manner of coats. We hope to add to it next year, adding on a screened gazebo to keep black flies at bay.

We've eaten a lot of lobster this year really enjoying it. We've attended many musical concerts and a few dances. I've started a painting class with an artist who lives about fifteen minutes down the road and should have my first painting completed next week. We know it will take us about a year to get used to our new home, our new surroundings, this lovely island. I still can't find things I need or want in the house as there are still boxes packed in the basement but each month brings us closer to turning this house into a home. Our granddaughter wanted to take a nap on a couch this past summer and we hadn't purchased a new one yet. So she will be happy to know we have one now.

We still face challenges as we work towards our goal and the finish line. But we look forward to cutting our first Christmas tree from our own woods and celebrating our first Christmas in our unfinished but comfortable home. Now if I can just remember where I put all the decorations when the time comes!


  1. Such changes I'll see when I visit next year! I especially look forward to the screened gazebo :) I'm thinking likely the fall as I've never been there in the fall before. And there are too many bugs in the spring along with cool weather. I guess Jimmy resolved the leak? That man can fix or make anything! You have room for a tree? I'm impressed! You need to take some more photos Lannie - of the new furniture and how it's arranged and your new room!!

  2. So lovely to hear how well things are going! painting classes, visitors, renovations, gardens. You have certainly been extremely busy. The striped maple are lovely little trees. So nice to find one on your own property. I have planted one here as I like them so. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas to come and many happy memories in your new home.