Tuesday, June 8, 2010

High School Reunion

This past weekend, June 4th, 5th and 6th I had a trip down memory lane. Not only did I visit the town where I was born and raised but attended probably my last High School reunion. It was a blast from the past. The weather held out, it rained in the evenings when most of the events were over. My girlfriend and I spent two nights with a friend in Woodstock while we attended our reunion in Norwich, ON.

How wonderful it was to reconnect with former classmates from the two public schools I attended in Burgessville and Norwich as well as the High School. We shared memories as did others in the room, the noise level was very high but then so was the peals of laughter surrounding us all. Many hugs and handshakes were shared amongst old pals. We enjoyed a Pub Night at the Legion in town on Friday night, a tour of the old High School on Saturday looking at memorabilia displayed for the event. We peered at name tags as we walked the hall, some friends from the past being more recognizable than others.

Saturday night my friends and I attended the dinner/dance, the room was packed with eager and joyful partygoers all there to get reacquainted with former classmates. The food was excellant, the party was a huge success. All who attended will go home with many fond memories of three days of renewing friendships, exchanging addresses and being so grateful for an event that brought us all together once again.

After a Sunday morning breakfast back at the Legion my friend and I visited family gravesites, spending a few quite moments with our departed loved ones and leaving flower tributes behind. We had a wonderful visit later with my daughter who was utterly surprised to see us, then headed off home, happy and contented, our heads buzzing with memories from a weekend we'll never forget.

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