Thursday, June 17, 2010


We share our yard with dapper little black and white Chickadees

Or perchance they make allowances for us.

They are so industrious, so constant in search of food.

One stays on guard while their mate goes foraging.

The eggs are ever guarded from foreign marauders.

They keep their nest spotless, even removing their waste.

Soon little squeaky chirps fill the spring air.

How we wish we could see the wee balls of fluff.

As we delight in the parents brisk activity,

We are impressed by their family parity and devotion.

Humans could learn from these pillars of parenthood,

Who warn off feathered prey twice their size.

The wee hatchlings are safely sheltered,

Nurtured to enter the world when ready.

Nature can be a wonderful teacher,

Stay safe little ones, stay safe.

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