Monday, October 4, 2010

Holiday on the Island

My husband and I have just recently returned from a holiday on Prince Edward Island. It is our favorite vacation spot. His brother and wife live there and as of August of this year, my youngest sister Jane has purchased a property there. It is bitter-sweet for her as she has to work for another four years before retiring but she can spend her precious summer vacations there. Being a teacher that means two whole months on the island if she choses.

I have spent many vacations on the island now plus helped our relatives move there almost ten years ago. They moved in the winter which that year was not unlike our winters here in Muskoka. Now their winters seem milder and shorter which I envy. We have vacationed there in August and September often being able to go swimming in early September. We enjoy exploring beautiful spots from the East tip to the Western tip taking hundreds of pictures especially of lighthouses, beaches and quaint white churches. The East end of the island where Jim's brother lives is more flat, whereas the West end has lots of high rolling hills and valleys.

There have been times I've left the island to return home with tears of sadness rolling down my cheeks as I feel I'm leaving "home"..The island is in my blood, tugging at my heart, the Altantic provinces seem to call me like a siren's call. It may well be the water, the waves pounding on rocks and beaches. I feel calm when I'm near water, it soothes me.

My son and I once spent a whole day at Peggy's Cove in Nova Scotia, I never wanted to leave. The Cabot Trail was another experience I'll never forget, the beauty of the fall colors in October was jaw dropping. How wonderful it was to share it with my son on a holiday together.

It is always with regret that I leave behind the island with the friendliest of people, the harbours, rivers, red sand beaches where my sister-in-law and I go beach combing whenever possible. I often find myself looking at the photos I've taken reliving the precious moments over again. There are places that speak and call to us more than others, even houses I find I walk by invoke memories of home or a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Prince Edward Island has crept into my very bones. It keeps pulling me back so my thoughts never stray very far from the place I hope to call home one day. Fortunate we are when we find that one spot that tugs at our heart and mind beyond all others, lulls us into the peace and contentment we crave. I've found mine.

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