Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Winter is Approaching

Every morning now the grass is white with frost. September is such a beautiful month with the maple's wearing their coat of many colors but as October is approaching the half way mark we are reminded of what November will bring and it's usually snowing mid-November or before.

September and October are such bittersweet months, the joy of all the fall colors while we scramble to ready the garden and flower beds for winter. Everything in the yard has to be put away, lawn chairs stacked, b.b.q. covered with a tarp and all the pots put away in the garden shed. As I go for walks, the air is much cooler, brisk with the promise of colder days yet to come. Several times I've worn gloves while walking and always a scarf to keep my neck warm.

Winter is the time for resting inside, curling up with good books, puzzles, games of Scrabble with hubby, hot chocolate, popcorn and watching movies. But as we looked for ways to be more frugal I got the bright idea of getting rid of the movie channels for the winter. They were gone before nine p.m. last night. What a shock. No more Turner Classic treat each night after cleaning up the kitchen after supper. My husband reminded me not to whine too much as it was my idea, sometimes I think I should keep quiet..

When the snow arrives our colorful world turns into a more black and white world as we can really get dumped on. I heard my husband warming up the snow blower the other day to make sure it worked well..As I envisioned a winter watching my favorite old black and white movies which are now no more, I'll have to invent other ways to entertain myself. Perhaps drag out the sewing machine and start new projects. Set up a jigsaw puzzle on the table or even get back into writing some old fashioned letters on real paper with a real pen instead of emailing everyone. What a great lift to get a letter in the mail instead of a bill!

I can see myself trading DVD's with friends in order not to feel too depressed about losing the movie channel, but who knows it might open up a whole new world for me, one papered with entertaining more, playing games of cards with friends, cross country skiing, wondering what I ever saw before in being an "after supper couch potato"....

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