Saturday, October 23, 2010

Not Enough Hours In A Day

There will not be enough hours in a day next week. I will have to make lists of things to do and check them off as each chore gets done. If all goes well and my husband gets me the airline ticket he found online last week, I'll be flying out to Prince Edward Island again. I know, what a hassle, but someone has to do it. That means my husband will be here alone after work each day and on weekends so I should prepare some extra meals and desserts for him, although my brother-in-law's girlfriend has already promised to make him a pecan pie. That makes me worry about my return ticket! If he delays getting me one, he might end up having lots of pecan pies!

The list will have to include lots of cleaning chores, keeping the laundry done, making yet another trip to the bank, maybe two trips and making sure the house is really tidy before I leave because it sure won't be when I return. When I returned from my last little four day trip away I returned to the most fragant smells coming from the kitchen. Dear hubby had an appetizing stew in the slow-cooker. The reason? If he made me a delicious meal perhaps I wouldn't notice how messy the house was. As if! But it did dull the pain of doing extra cleaning the following week.

I will need to make lists of things hubby needs to do while I'm away too, like watering all the plants I have, last count we had fifteen not counting the herb Rosemary I brought in for the winter. I think I read somewhere it takes fourteen or fifteen plants in your home to keep the air quality healthy. I also need to transplant two violets from a large pot and a spider plant. Did I say I would be very busy?

As I pack for my trip away not knowing how long I'll stay will be a quandry. I tend to always overpack but I want it keep it down to one suitcase. Since I'll be staying with family on the island I can keep my clothes laundered and wear the same things over and over..Boring! That brings me to another problem. My clothes are lasting too long, they are not wearing out and I'm so tired of some of them. Especially some of my sweat-shirts which having a long winter here means we wear them over and over. But I'm on my "not buying anything unless in dire need" so those boring sweat-shirts stay.

Speaking of not buying anything I will force myself to stay away from one of my favorite yearly shopping sprees held here at the Anglican Church in town each October. The Ten Thousand Villages sale event is a wonderful feast for the eyes and a terror on the pocket book. I usually buy bracelets, earrings, maybe a flower pot or lovely basket. Then food items for my son for Christmas and numberous other gifts for family members. Since my son still has coffee left over from last Christmas he and my daughter will get their usual Christmas cash and a book or two instead. This year is leaning towards a real book giving Christmas.

This upcoming Friday night will be my last "party" night in town for awhile, we have tickets to a Halloween Dance and Dinner at the Legion with friends. The big dilemna will be what to wear but I have several ideas swirling around my tired brain. A gypsy costume would be easy, well, okay, that's my only idea so far! This will probably be my last post for awhile on this blog and as I have no return date who knows when I'll be able to write again. Also when I return it will probably be to lots of snow, a real shock to the system as everything is still green here with lots of various flowers still blooming. I'll be in a fluster once I return as Christmas will be fast approaching but let's hope once I enter the house I'm greeted by a wonderful smell of something enticing simmering in the crockpot..oh heck, that signals another messy house.

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  1. You can use Frank's computer to update your blog from time to time!
    Are you going to be able to manage having us for Christmas this year? We'll bring the turkey!
    Remember - we dress each day to cover our bods - not to make ourselves excited - so suck it up Lannie - you're doing great so far!
    Today both Michael and Kazi are working and I had to fight a tremendous urge to wander around the Talize store - something I enjoy doing when i am on my own for a few hours but I resisted!
    Yay me!