Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I Feel I Passed the Test

Last week I spent a very pleasant four days away in Port Perry. Three High School friends and myself spent an enjoyable time shopping, eating and gabbing. We try and get together at least once a year in different locations, trying to find places some of us have never visited. Since one of my friends lives in Port Perry she invited us to stay over at her place.

Now the town of Port Perry can boast of some really interesting stores to browse and shop in, as well as great restaurants. I determined ahead of time how much money I might need for meals knowing there would be occasions we'd eat out. Then I added a few dollars more for an item I wanted to purchase that was under five dollars. Remembering my promise to be thrifty this year I added an extra twenty dollars but hoped very much to bring money home to put in the "Savings" jar. It's a large, old canning jar which will take some time to fill.

As we walked from store to store on Thursday my only purchase was the dish cloth from the Swedish Store that I just love. They soak up water like a sponge. I use them so much I had to throw one out last week, so wanted to replace it. The ladies I was with weren't in a big buying mood either so that helped. We had a tasty supper that night at a Fish and Chip restaurant, but all our other meals that day were eaten at my friend's house. Savings!

Friday as planned after breakfast we drove over to Bobcaygeon where there are some truly awesome clothing stores. I clutched my purse tightly to my side, muttering: "remember your goals, don't fall into a trap and buy clothes you don't need!"..One part of a large store there sells shoes and I love shoes. But I resisted by spending very little time in there while being happy for my friend who did purchase a pair. The clothing section is divided into three sections, the special occasion clothes didn't tempt me as I don't have occasion to wear them much but the last section with jackets, sweaters, new winter coats and blouses was enticing. But I walked away once more.

As we approached yet another clothing store, I saw outside in a box strong plastic hangers for sale, eight for a loonie. I need hangers, what a bargain. Inside the store I spied a rack with a sign "twenty dollars"..upon looking closer I saw turtle and mock neck sweaters in nearly every shade. I quickly thought of my wardrobe back home and realized I was short a black mock neck sweater so bought one in my size. Purchase number two or three if you count the hangers.

We visited another couple of stores there, then drove over to Fenlon Falls. We entered another favorite store there, then stopped for lunch. This was our second meal I had to pay for. I looked into my wallet and saw money to spare. Money to take home and put in the jar. I was beaming. All in all with the temptation all around me for most of the weekend I felt that I passed the test quite well. On our way home we stopped in Bala at the Cranberry Festival and I bought a couple of jars of goodies for Christmas gifts. Never too early to start shopping for bargains.

When I realize all the things I have in my home and clothes that I already have to wear perhaps it wasn't so hard to resist all the temptation around me but it's early days yet on being thrifty. But for now I feel encouraged by last weekend and my ability to keep a tight rein on my wallet. As I poke around the house looking for things for next spring's yard sale I wince at times considering the things I bought that I didn't need, but fell under it's spell..A hard lesson learned.

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  1. Amazing Lannie - that was very restrained for YOU!! And don't forget - donate to charity again this year - cut down on Christmas spending. It will be here before you know it!