Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Work and Play in Prince Edward Island

We are part way through our fourth week on the island of  P.E.I. We have been working very hard on the renovations of our farmhouse here but it hasn't been all hard work, we have taken the odd day off to play. My husband takes fewer days off than I do as he wants to accomplish so much on the inside of our farmhouse we are making liveable for our retirement home. There are some jobs I can help with and others I can't. Like doing any electrical work. So on those days I might go beachcombing or shopping in Charlottetown even just drive around sightseeing.

We were so fortunate a few weeks ago when my husband's niece and nephew were also here on the island with their families. The men of the families gave a whole day to help my husband with wiring in the house and so much was accomplished. His nephew even lowered the brand new kitchen window which had been installed so I could see our back yard better, being of short stature, I appreciated that very much.

When I first arrived I looked at my two large flowerbeds and all I saw were weeds that were waist high. So for the first two weeks off and on, all I did was dig up weeds. The ground here when not wet is very hard so it was quite the experience. The gardens look great now and hubby helped me dig up a third one, where we put my favorite arbour from home, plus the plants I brought with me this trip. He also helped me make a stone path through the arbour and now I can't wait to bring down more plants for all my flowerbeds. I did buy a few perennials this trip but as I have so many at home plus they need thinning out, I try and dig up quite a few each trip. What I've planted so far seem to be thriving.

On hubby's birthday this week he and I made a trail through our large woods, cutting down branches and hanging old buoys I found on several beaches here for trail markers. I need to paint them red or yellow at some point but even now they will help me find my way back out of the woods should I venture in by myself. It's so beautiful in there, so peaceful and calm. I need to find a book now to help me identify island plants and trees in the woods.

My husband's brother installed an above ground pool this year at their home where we are staying so we have enjoyed swimming many nights after a hard day's work. Sitting around the pool is a great relief after working with dusty drywall or digging in mulch around my gardens. We are nearing the end of our stay here, it will soon be time to leave, such a bittersweet time. We have enjoyed meeting people here plus had an enjoyable visit with my sister and hubby who are also moving here at the other end of the island from us.

We are hoping next year when we return to once more work on the house we can perhaps even sleep there as we have running water now, an older refrigerator that was left in the house, table and chairs etc. We would need to cook most of our meals on a b.b.q. outside which would be fun and we also have an outside shower. It wouldn't take hubby long to build a shower stall around that. Sounds like a great adventure just like all the other adventures we are having here. As the inside of the house takes shape and we soon prepare to leave our dear island for another year, we leave with precious memories, of all we and many, many other people have helped us to accomplish.

Over the coming long winter we will plan even more work projects, making lists of what we need to buy, what rooms need a few finishing touches, perhaps we will even be able to start painting bedrooms. Some days I can't believe how much hard work is involved in restoring an old farmhouse, then other days I can't believe how much has been done. One day it will be finished, ready for us to move in and welcome friends, family and neighbours to our beloved island home.

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  1. Lannie, It was a pleasure to meet you both this summer. I was so impressed with all the work you and Jim have done on your house and it sounds like so much more has been done since I was there! Great job you two - that house will be complete in no time at all.