Saturday, September 21, 2013

Surprises, Excitement and Uncertainty..

This photo was taken the second week of September this year. My hubby and I spent 6 weeks in Prince Edward Island renovating the inside of our farmhouse..nearly all the electrical got done and there is very little drywall left to do..hubby works so hard, he had no problem getting to sleep.

Before we left for home we had time to give the front of my garden shed one coat of white stain and I painted the doors and windows red. Since the little building has two doors, I'm contemplating using the left end of building for gardening tools etc., adding a wall and making sleeping quarters on the other would take a lot of thought how best to accomplish this as the building has to be lifted to put a new foundation down..

I got the idea because my brother who is an artist can see himself staying in there.. this summer we dug in hydro wire close to the big barn, so one day the little shed will have electricity..there are great little chemical toilets now, plus we have installed hot and cold water taps outside on the back of the house..once we close in 3 sides around the taps, privacy is assured...

The surprise in my post comes from arriving home on a Wednesday and hubby getting a phone call on Friday that he has a job on the I must quickly pack up all his clothes again, making sure he has his winter clothes and boots. He decides to leave Saturday morning so the rush was on. We are both excited tinged with a bittersweet feeling. I will now be living here alone, packing up our belongings, then calling a real estate agent to sell out house. Is October a good month to list or should we wait until the spring, another big decision.

That's where the uncertainty comes in, how I'll manage all the work here myself,  when to list, what might need changing or fixing etc. My husband always cut the lawn here, so one of my firsts this week was cutting our lawn..another first putting the Blue Boxes and garbage out Friday morning. It didn't take long to realize all the little and big things that were done for me week after week. Perhaps I was spoiled! The gardens, flower and vegetable used to be my domain but hubby even started participating more in the vegetable garden. He always did all the heavy lifting too.

I've started packing a lot of boxes, taking the ones I can manage outside and stacking them on top of a shelf in our carport while on a step far I'm able to take out quite a few smaller boxes, but many are too heavy to lift..Thankfully my brother-in-law lives about a block away and is doing what he can to help. He takes me on errands and drops bags off for me at the Salvation Army store. I do not drive..this never really bothered me until now. But I can walk to stores near here and also downtown, been doing it for years..many friends have stepped up, offering their help which I really appreciate.

I've never stayed alone for more than two or three days at a time so more uncertainty as to how I will handle perhaps months of being on my own. Especially during the winter months. Another test. I realize "one day at a time" has to be my motto..Lots of people are alone and manage very well, so I'll be learning how to do new things and if I don't know how to do something will ask the neighbours..the neighbours on both sides of me are terrific, in fact the one couple look after out house when we are on the island.

Every night after dear hubby gets off  work at his new job, he goes right to the farmhouse to work. He is getting all the window sills painted and said they look great. He sends me beautiful pictures of the sunsets or sunrise. We are only an email or phone call away. We had a five year plan to move out there permanently and now it will happen two years earlier. That is so exciting, a great Birthday, Anniversary and Christmas present all rolled into one! My youngest sister is moving out to the island next year also, we are both thrilled to be seeing our dreams coming true.

On our property is a beautiful, amazing willow tree. That is where we relax for a cold drink or our lunch. Sometimes we just sit there and view our lovely property. There I feel so relaxed and calm. I have to be patient now, not knowing for sure what month the big move will take place.  The future holds much promise, spending our retirement together, just down the road from my hubby's brother and wife, also having a sister at the other end of the island....that's priceless.

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