Monday, April 20, 2015

Happenings at Cranberry Cottage

Do we have spring yet? No we do not, our front yard and fields are still snow covered....but the good news is, each day we see a little more brown grass appear. Mostly around the house plus around the trees, the circles of grass are growing larger and larger. Can I see any of my spring bulbs yet? No I most definitely cannot. And I'm very curious to see what happened with all the bulbs I planted last year..Very curious and very anxious. Hubby and I are getting spring fever.

We managed to avoid sickness and colds nearly all winter, then two weeks ago, I came down with a heavy cough that over time developed into a cold which I gave to my hubby. He recovers from illness more quickly than I do and I'd say in a few more days I should be back to normal. I found I had no energy, big lack of appetite which also meant I didn't feel like cooking. I wish someone would magically deliver meals each day as cooking is still not high on my list..

Even while not feeling the best Jim managed to finish the last room to be done, the dining room. It was mudded, sanded and painted. Then he and his brother put down a new floor last weekend and put down the new floor in the living-room this past Saturday. That means the inside of this house is finally finished except for trimming of door ways and few odds and ends. But the heaviest, dirtiest jobs are now done, at least inside!

We are looking forward to building our new 8 ft. deck out front this summer and perhaps getting a gazebo built. Wish I could say all the out-door jobs were done and we could just do maintenance, sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labor. But we have an old garage, a shed (mine) and a huge barn that has to be dealt with.

Once Jim retires, a year from this August, he will be outside all summer working away at projects to his hearts content.  Right now he has to do all these projects on weekends and if he feels up to it, a few hours after work. His brother is a big help to us and work shared gets done more quickly.

Our new TV which we purchased last October died this past week and after phoning the company, we were told we will need a new TV. So we sent away the photos they wanted plus proof of purchase and wait.

My first visitor for 2015 is my son, coming out to watch the boats go out for spring lobster season. We will have a full house again this summer and fall. They will see big changes in the interior all which will make their stay even more comfortable.

I am knitting a blanket for the couch and still going for my weekly art lesson although have missed some because of weather and sickness. Once gardening season get into full swing, I will probably stop my lessons until the fall or go less often. I also spend many hours a week on Skype playing "babies" or dollies with my granddaughter..I'm often the "baby" and she is the mommy. It is a precious time.

We have enjoyed feeding the birds all winter even if we had to use snowshoes to walk across the yard. I love hearing the doves cooing in the morning now, at least two pairs are visiting us. Spring seems so very long coming this year I feel we should have a real spring celebration party once it arrives. Maybe a big lobster supper and a chocolate cake for dessert! Hope springs eternal....

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